Pishgaman Saman Tadbir Company (Brand Name : Petro Source), has been established as oils and petrochemicals manufacturer and trader, focused on Sales, and as export department of Petro Force Industrial Group. The purpose of this company is to provide professional sales services, such as:

  • Advising oil, petrochemicals and polymer producers about exports and sales in foreign target markets.
  • A potential and trustworthy source for supplying raw materials for oil, petrochemical and polymer producers.
  • Exporting all oils, petrochemicals and polymers.

We’re developing partnerships based on mutual advantage with our communities, our suppliers and our partners

We want to be a leading international oil and gas company operating in Europe, the Middle East and Africa – that’s our ambition. But being a ‘leading company’ is about much more than hitting our financial targets.

Sales and Marketing

We provide sales and delivery services to all countries and regions across the world, assuring the best quality and satisfaction of your customers. If required our marketing department can help you with the development of the labels for your private label products. The label layout is considered from a professional viewpoint and the labels are tested against the statutory requirements.

Technical Support

Our Research & Development department has been greatly extended in recent years, which has resulted in a large number of new products that are already demonstrating their practical worth. Every day our specialists also answer questions from Future Petroleum customers and help them to apply for re-brands.

We’re working in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and exploring opportunities for growth in new provinces